Valentine’s 2016

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! As most of you have probably seen on social media, I've been creating and posting a Valentine-A-Day for the past 2 weeks. It's been a fun and interesting challenge to create an image or animation from concept to completion in a day. And working with the theme of Valentine's day has been an interesting challenge all it's own, playing with the cute & kitsch aspects of it while also allowing myself to explore the darkside of the holiday with the UN-Valentine portion of the series.  I'm a fan of Valentine's Day for the same reasons I thoroughly enjoy Halloween.  The sheer ridiculous and over-the-top decor associated with these holidays make me squee :) With that in mind I decided to finish the series with a Halloween/Valentine mash-up, the Monster Love part of the series. There I took the Valentine's Day notions of romance and combined it with some of our favorite classic and cult classic monsters. Since early October, just after NYCC, life has created many a road block between myself and making work. These Valentines have been a wonderful way for me to break through that barrier and begin creating again. It's also been a great way to have a little fun and shake some dust off my digital illustration and typography skills. I've had a blast! And now I'm excited to tackle the much larger and more serious projects that are on my horizon. I hope you have enjoyed this series and that you'll stick around for what's coming up next. Please scroll down to see the entire Valentine-A-Day series in detail <3 Hugs&Kisses&Candies