I Will Follow You Into the Dark


Then, Now, Forever

I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

Playing the Blooms

I Am More Than What You See

The Death of the Dancing Bear

Twin Forest Gods

Happy Wife, Happy Life / Bride of Sasquatch

Pop Goes the Sasquatch


Moon Over Mushroom Lake

My End Will Show You Yours

Lonesome Forest God

Bleeding Tooth Fairy

They Saw Their Futures in Each Other's Smiles

Nowhere to Go But Down

Hold Me

Pictures of You

I've Been Knitting Apologies

We Sit in the Mud and Reach for the Stars

16 x 20 in
Acrylic on Wood Panel
Bunnycutlet Presents 7 Artists @ The Cotton Candy Machine

I'm Barely There

You with the Stars in your Eyes